Thursday, July 30, 2009

A special thanks to all TDA interns

Have you ever had anyone give you an opportunity in your life? Most likely we all have had others give us a chance to expand our horizons, broaden our viewpoints and sharpen our skills.

Others can certainly open the door, but then each of us has to choose to walk through it and take advantage of the occasion. I am proud to say the interns here at the Texas Department of Agriculture have contributed greatly this summer and combined work and learning at the same time. I hope they benefited as much as the taxpayers have from their efforts.

This term, we had 20 bright and motivated students who participated in our summer internship program, which placed them in 11 different divisions. I hosted a luncheon for them this week where Deputy Commissioner Drew DeBerry and Chief of Staff Shannon Rusing and I were able to hear about their experiences here, as well as their plans for the future. I appreciate all of the effort our Benefits Coordinator, Jada Louhela, has put forth in coordinating this program for TDA.

Farmers and ranchers certainly understand the value of planning for the future. I look forward to the contributions each of these students will provide to Texas agriculture in the many years ahead of them.

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