Friday, July 31, 2009

Landowners in drought and disaster areas given priority for GRP funds

As a result of extreme drought conditions plaguing central and south Texas, USDA is giving priority consideration to landowners in that area for participation in the Grassland Reserve Program (GRP).

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), this program is designed to restore and conserve grasslands to ensure future forage for grazing. Through rental agreements and easements, ranchers can receive payments for conserving and protecting grasslands. The GRP priority areas also include areas devastated by Hurricane Ike and wildfires.

Ranchers interested in this program should contact Claude Ross, state GRP manager, at (254) 742-9822 or Mark Habiger, NRCS assistant state conservationist for programs, at (254) 742-9881.

Visit NRCS for additional information on the program. This program won’t solve everyone’s problems, but every little bit helps. And I appreciate our state conservationist, Don Gohmert, for his leadership on getting this program underway in Texas. In the meantime I will continue seeking additional emergency assistance for Texas producers. To see previous requests I have submitted to our federal partners for such assistance, click here.

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