Monday, July 6, 2009

Creating Partnerships for the I-35 Green Corridor Initiative

Partners for Progress is our theme at the Texas Department of Agriculture. We use this theme to guide us in creating partnerships to accomplish more with less, and provide greater opportunities for the Lone Star State. The good news is partnerships are developing all across Texas that will result in jobs for Texans, better use of our resources and a healthier economy.

Five of our higher education institutions recently announced an I-35 Green Corridor Initiative. The Austin Community College District, Dallas County Community College District, the Alamo Colleges, Temple College and the Texas State Technical College System “signed an agreement in Austin with two key objectives in mind: putting Texans to work in emerging green economy careers and attracting federal stimulus dollars to the region.”

According to published reports, “the five institutions will share their expertise, experience and resources in order to create a collaborative approach to workforce training for high-demand green economy fields. The Green Corridor Collaborative will apply for federal stimulus money earmarked for renewable energy development.”

Taxpayers should contact these institutions to say thank you for working together and bringing results through efficiencies. We all benefit by using what is already developed from a capable partner rather than reinventing the wheel. We need more partnerships like these at all levels of government that will result in the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Congratulations and best wishes to the leadership of these institutions of higher learning.

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