Thursday, July 30, 2009

A nice visit with Red Steagall

Country legend Red Steagall visited Austin this week and I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with him to do an interview for his show, Cowboy Corner.

Red is a strong advocate for preserving the heritage of the Lone Star State and the cowboy lifestyle. We talked about the role of agriculture as the backbone of the economy and how important it is we continue to utilize our natural resources to their fullest extent.

We spoke of the importance of using science and technology to allow profitability for American agriculture and how the number of farmers and ranchers continues to dwindle. We also talked about how we need to ensure that we have a sound, affordable and reliable domestic food supply and how critical that is to the survivability of our nation.

Red has been a great friend to us here at TDA and we appreciate his on-going support of Texas agriculture. I will let everyone know when the conversation is scheduled to air.

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