Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Republic at Work

Yesterday I testified before the Senate Committee on Natural Resources about two important water bills. The committee hearing was a great opportunity to participate in our representative form of government, and it drove home the fact that public input is crucial to keeping our government in check so the individual and property rights of the people are not supplanted by government regulation.

Senate Bill 332 by Chairman Troy Fraser (Horseshoe Bay) and Senate Bill 667 by Chairman Robert Duncan (Lubbock) were filed in response to numerous groundwater rights lawsuits - one of which is currently pending before the Supreme Court of Texas. The bills offer differing perspectives and help encourage public dialogue about the management of our water resources – an issue that impacts every Texan.

I commend and appreciate the leadership Chairman Fraser and Chairman Duncan have shown in filing these bills and leading the public discussion, and most importantly, I thank the many people who took time from their work and families to testify on the bills and engage in the legislative process.

Without a doubt, the discussion on water will continue, and yesterday’s hearing set the tone – leadership by our elected representatives, thoughtful comments by stakeholders and a general agreement that Texas’ policy must be fair and equitable for all our water users.

It was a good day to be a Texan and witness elected leaders who truly listen to the people of our state.

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