Monday, March 7, 2011

More Wildfires Predicted for West Texas

A little more than a week after wildfires ravaged West Texas a new word of caution again goes out to our friends in that area who will be under severe wildfire weather conditions beginning at noon on Tuesday. According to the Texas Forest Service, a combination of low humidity, high temperatures and high winds will increase the threat of danger to such a severe degree that wildfires could burn the length of a football field in one minute.

Texas already has faced the perils of wildfire this year as crews have responded to 287 fires burning nearly 195,000 acres. To date, nearly 282 structures have been lost, while 8,200 have been saved. On Feb. 27, more than 850 homes were evacuated in West Texas. The losses have been heavy for those impacted, but the destruction was comparatively minimal thanks to the readiness and response of our state and citizens.

With dangerous conditions ahead, residents should avoid outdoor activities that could generate a spark or open flames, and be ready to evacuate if needed. Residents are also advised to clear combustibles away from their homes.

For updates on the current wildfire situation, click here.

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