Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Panhandle Push for Eminent Domain Reform

I am traveling today with Gov. Rick Perry to Abilene and Lubbock where we are meeting with local leaders to reiterate the critical importance of eminent domain reform. The governor and the people of Texas are standing strong when it comes to a right as fundamental as private property ownership.

The Senate has passed SB 18, authored by Sen. Craig Estes and Sen. Robert Duncan, which provides private property owners more leverage when it comes to protecting their land from government takings. The bill would help ensure landowners are more fully compensated for the damages they may realize due to a taking, and includes buy-back provisions to ensure a property owner has the right to repurchase their land, if the project is cancelled.

It should go without saying these are critical steps in the right direction, but the journey is not yet over. Many members of the House, including the bill’s sponsors, Chairman Charlie Geren and Chairman Rene Oliveira, are working hard to make sure the House approves SB 18. It is still important to share your interest in eminent domain reform with your state elected officials.

To hear more of my discussion about eminent domain, watch the video below:

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