Thursday, March 24, 2011

EPA Needs to Study Sound Science

Today in Houston, I had the opportunity to testify before a congressional subcommittee on energy and power. My message was simple: EPA greenhouse gas regulations will cripple the $100 billion Texas agriculture industry, hinder our economy and drive up everyday costs for consumers.

The problem with the EPA’s proposed regulations is the basis on which they are formed. Simply put, political science is no match for sound science. Until a proven, positive outcome can justify costly disruptions to ag operations and household budgets, we should resist the rhetoric and question the EPA’s motives. In addition to addressing these concerns today to the congressional subcommittee, I also documented these issues in a letter to the chairman of this group.

Our farmers and ranchers are all ears when it comes to protecting the environment. After all, they depend on the earth for their livelihoods. I’d also venture to guess most consumers are in favor of preserving our resources for future generations. No one is arguing the value of good intentions, but until the price tag makes sense to farmers, ranchers and consumers, the EPA should be sent back to the drawing board.

To read my full testimony, go here.

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