Friday, September 26, 2008

“Texas” showcased at GO TEXAN Food and Fiber Pavilion

Click photo to activate slideshow of the Fair Foods and Find Wine event

I’ve always known there was something special about the Lone Star State, and at the State of Fair of Texas you are able to truly experience the spirit of those who make our state unique.
On Thursday I kicked off the Fair activities at the Fair Foods and Fine Wine event held in the GO TEXAN Food and Fiber Pavilion.

The event celebrated Texas foods and wines and showcased one-of-a-kind creations. From watermelon salsa and raspberry/jalapeno jelly to succulent steak quesadillas and Texas wines, the Food and Fiber Pavilion gives visitors a true taste of Texas. It’s definitely a stop you should plan to make on an empty stomach!
And those who want to get a jump-start on holiday gift shopping need to stop by the Texas Monthly Mercantile Store and Pioneer Brand General Store.

GO TEXAN members have displayed hundreds of unique items such as domino necklaces and tasty treats made from original recipes.
Best of all are the Texans who have worked so hard to see their dreams become reality. These are men and women from all walks of life, but with one thing in common – they are all GO TEXAN members.

I’m so proud of our GO TEXAN program in that it helps Texans promote their designs and products.
The State Fair of Texas runs through October 19. Take your family out there, and stop by the GO TEXAN Food and Fiber Pavilion for a tantalizing taste of our great state.

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