Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obesity Awareness Week

As Texas children return to the classroom, we are reminded of our responsibility to encourage academic excellence, physical fitness and proper nutrition. A healthy mind and healthy body can lead to a lifetime of rich rewards. Today's nutritious school-served meals can play a part in feeding both.

The Texas Department of Agriculture and schools around our great state are working together to promote healthy eating habits. Parents and grandparents should really take the time to check out the school cafeteria. In recent years the menus have vastly improved; today, school-served meals are convenient, more affordable than other options and well balanced to provide daily servings of fruits and vegetables, dairy, grains and protein. With childhood obesity a nationwide epidemic, these initiatives provide a much-needed defense against a serious health crisis.

To read more on what TDA is doing to make sure Texas school meals are healthy, read my column here.

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