Thursday, September 18, 2008

Helpful Phone Numbers and Links

Restoration and recovery efforts continue in Southeast Texas today following the devastation of Hurricane Ike. Below are some helpful phone numbers and links for those who would like to make a donation, or for those producers who need help:


AgriLife Extention Service
Call the Chambers County AgriLife Extension Office if you are an agriculture producer in need of food, water or transport for your livestock.

Texas Animal Health Commission
(800) 550-8242, ext. 296
If you have general livestock or animal health questions, contact the Texas Animal Health Commission.

Natural Resources Conservation Service

(979) 846-0757, ext. 3
Call the Natural Resources Conservation Service if you need help disposing of animal carcasses left in the wake of Hurricane Ike.

Texas Attorney General
(800) 252-8011 or www.oag.state.tx.usIf you suspect a business of gasoline, or other, price gouging after the hurricane, you can report them by calling the attorney general or filing a report on the
Texas Attorney General's Web site. You can also find useful consumer protection information as you begin to recover and rebuild.

Small Business Administration
(800) U-ASK-SBA or
Owners of small businesses, including some agriculture operations, affected by Hurricane Ike can apply for financial disaster assistance.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
(800) 621-FEMA or
People affected by the storm can apply for disaster assistance from FEMA for food and lodging vouchers.

Public Utilities Commission
(888) 782-8477 or
Get updated information on the progress of power restoration by contacting the Public Utility Commission of Texas.


Texas Department of Agriculture
Call the Texas Department of Agriculture if you would like to donate or assist in the transportation of hay, feed, water or other supplies to farmers and ranchers affected by the storm. There is also a need for assistance in transporting livestock from affected areas and pastures where evacuated animals may be re-located.

AgriLife Extension Service
(979) 845-2604 or
AgriLife online
Call or log-on to make a monetary contribute to help farmers and ranchers through the "No Fences" Hurricane Ike Horse and Cattle Relief fund. Monetary donations are needed to defray transportation costs associate with the rescue of horses and cattle, as well as the purchase of goods like feed and water troughs.

American Red Cross
(800) HELP-NOW
You can donate your time and money to those affected by the storm via the Red Cross.

East Texas Food Bank
(800) 815-3663
All food banks are taking food and money donations to help evacuees and other storm victims.

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