Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go Out. Go Eat. GO TEXAN

On October 1, I invite you to participate in the first ever GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up, which celebrates Texas restaurants, foods and wines.

Fresh foods grown right here in the Lone Star State will be featured on the menus of participating GO TEXAN restaurants. Texas wine tastings and pairings with special pricing will also be available at some restaurants as part of this special Texas dining experience.
Many restaurants have volunteered to donate a portion of the day's proceeds to a local food bank. You can see the list of restaurants by going to gotexan.org and clicking on the big restaurant dot, or by visiting GoTexanRestaurantRoundUp.com.

The event is still a few weeks away, but now is a great time to spread the word to family and friends; be sure to tell them: GO out, GO eat, GO TEXAN.

In the meantime, proud GO TEXAN chef Michael Flores, has cooked up some deliciously Texan meals. As an appetizer for the biggest day in Texas dining, we will be sharing some more recipes from Chef Flores over the weeks leading up to our big dine-out event.

Today, you can watch Chef Flores make his Curry Coconut Shrimp:

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