Monday, June 10, 2013

Porous Border Forces Texas Landowners Out Of Business

Every day, Texans are on the front line dealing with the challenges of having a porous U.S./Mexico border. Violence occurs all too frequently, and often, south Texas farmers and ranchers are the ones forced to deal first-hand with the dangerous, unsafe conditions that exist along the border.

Insufficient resources from the federal government and lackluster immigration reform are unacceptable to me. The dire nature of the current situation—a true lack of security along the U.S./Mexico border—becomes even more evident every time I hear personal stories from Texans dealing with the harsh consequences.

Rene Garcia of Penitas is one of these individuals. His story is all too often similar to many accounts we hear from the border. Garcia was recently highlighted in a KRGV-Channel 5 News report, which documented his family’s struggles including being forced to shutter their cattle business due to damage caused by illegal immigrants, who have trespassed and vandalized the land.

Garcia’s story highlights the federal government’s border security failures and the extreme lengths landowners have been forced to take to deal with the flow of illegal traffic. We know a debate is raging about our border: Is it secure? What does a secure border really look like? This video answers some of these daunting questions. To view the news story, click here.

Texans struggle every day in dealing with instability along the Texas/Mexico border. I invite you to visit, and join me in raising awareness about border challenges and help protect Texas landowners. 

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