Friday, June 21, 2013

Conserve Water Before the Tap Runs Dry

Ever wonder just how bad things have to get before you turn on the tap and no water comes out? Just ask the residents of Barnhart who recently ran out of water. The main water well in this small West Texas town recently stopped pumping, leaving residents without drinking water.

Oil and gas production is active in this area, which has offered a welcomed boost to the local economy. Without adequate water resources, the ability for Barnhart to support this industry will provide long-term challenges and could prevent future growth for other local businesses.

Unfortunately, Barnhart may not be the only Texas town struggling to supply sufficient water for residents. Without significant rainfall, other areas could face similar challenges. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Equality, this is already a reality for a host of other towns that are currently dealing with serious water shortages.

As we officially welcome summer and the long dry months ahead, let us remember that a water crisis is not just a future concern for some of our fellow Texans. Their reality should encourage everyone to be forward-thinking about ways to conserve water before we all find ourselves with a dry tap.

Our economy and its citizens rely on an ample water supply for agriculture and business, and to meet the demands of our rapidly expanding population. We must all do our part to save water.

Click here to visit TDA’s “The Water Source” where you can learn more about the state’s water resources and visit to learn about ways to save water in your home. 

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