Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Drug Cartel Far-Reaching from Border to North Texas

For far too long now, I’ve had to be one of many leaders and citizens sounding the alarm about the dangers of violent drug cartels and the threat they pose to our nation. Landowners living and working along the Texas/Mexico border have been the literal “canary in the coal mine.” They are the first to feel the sting of these transnational criminal organizations and are forced to live with the fallout.

Landowners haven’t held back in recounting the daily traffic, mayhem and downright terrorism caused by drug dealers along the border. Here at the Texas Department of Agriculture, we have painstakingly relayed how these criminally-organized gangs engage in illegal drug and human trafficking. We’ve also detailed to the federal government the abuse felt by those who provide us our food and fiber—our farmers and ranchers. Our mission is clear. We will continue to relay these stories until the federal government steps up to the plate and drops their signature rhetoric that the “the border is safer than ever.”

The truth is: the border is not safe. Until our government commits to defending our landowners and our sovereignty with every conceivable resource, and until all Texas residents no longer fear this terrorism, I will continue to spread the word and fight to secure our border.

Photo: Bob Booth, Star-Telegram
The recent shooting of a Mexican attorney with ties to drug cartels in the town square of Southlake, just outside Ft. Worth, shines the spotlight on the deadly tactics used by the ruthless and heartless thugs inside drug cartels whose reach can spread far beyond border regions. This Fort Worth Star-Telegram article demonstrates the undeniable truths that I believe every citizen will conclude: we must defend our landowners; we must protect our sovereignty; and we will secure our border. 

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