Monday, February 15, 2010

In Honor of Presidents Day

As a proud American, I am humbled and thankful today as we celebrate Presidents Day in honor of two of our nation’s greatest leaders.

A federal holiday, Presidents Day was originally established to honor George Washington and later, Abraham Lincoln. Besides sharing February birthdays, Washington and Lincoln also shared unrivaled leadership abilities, patriotic vision and immeasurable accomplishments in the pursuit of life, liberty and justice for all.

Where would we be today without the unselfish patriotism of these great men? Washington and Lincoln undoubtedly laid the foundation and building blocks on which this nation was built. Their precedents are the rules by which we live, govern and prosper. Theirs are the constitutions by which we defend our freedoms, guard our borders and protect our allies near and far.

Our generation of Americans inherited a nation of prosperity and strength that is unrivaled around the globe. For that, we salute our leaders, thank our troops and appreciate the freedoms and liberties that Washington and Lincoln fought to establish and preserve. The question we must each ask of ourselves is “what kind of nation will we pass along to the next generation of Americans?”

Happy Presidents Day, America.

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