Friday, February 26, 2010

Food for Thought...Thoughts on Food

At a time when U.S. poultry producers seem to have turned the corner on a very tough year - and Texas-based Pilgrim’s Pride came out of bankruptcy and was acquired by JBS - a Reuters news report says one of the world’s largest markets for U.S.-based chicken parts will levy a hefty new tariff on our exports.

Considering all that the U.S. imports from China, it’s hard to believe such action would even be debated, much less implemented. I hope our negotiators can take quick action to avert this trade-disrupting action.

The poultry industry continues to grow here in Texas. While totals are not yet available for 2009, cash receipts from poultry and eggs totaled $2.02 billion in 2008, and production continues to expand. We need open and unrestricted access to international markets in order to maintain this growing and productive poultry industry. Let’s hope the voice of reason prevails in our negotiations with China.

A link to the Reuters story can be found here.

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