Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Texas Agriculture Outlook

A new year is upon us, but it’s never too early to look toward the optimism and good news ahead for Texas agriculture. Texas took a big hit in 2009 because of the drought and a sluggish economy, but there are already some signs 2010 could be a year of relief and rebound.

Texas cotton producers, in particular, may see some market price improvements this year. Reduced U.S. cotton production and strong global demand have actually helped cotton prices recover recently. As the No. 1 cotton-producing state in the nation and a leader around the world, this is terrific news for Texas.

Two important things Texas producers always keep in mind are operating costs and unpredictable weather conditions. The weather in places like Korea, Australia and Brazil can affect global supply and demand, which can impact us, for better or worse, right here in Texas. The reality is, if we’re going to do business in a global marketplace, we’re going to share the challenges and successes of our worldwide trading partners.

As always, I’m optimistic about the future of the $106 billion economic engine Texas agriculture fuels and I encourage all Texans to buy local to help strengthen the economy of the Lone Star State so we can take care of our own while continuing to meet the worldwide demand that helps make Texas a powerhouse of productivity.

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