Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FFA - Not Just a Rural Thing

Texas FFA and 4-H programs are absolutely the best when it comes to training future leaders, developing responsible citizens and opening up minds to the big world we live in – without abandoning the heritage that brought us to the level of prosperity we enjoy today.

Even more interesting is that these programs attract a multitude of students who may not be engaged or have a history in production agriculture. Folks, that is a good thing.

With only 2 percent of our population actually engaged in production agriculture, we need allies; we need bright thinkers in related fields; and we desperately need more people in this world who have an appreciation and abiding respect for the role our farmers and ranchers play in enabling us to have a safe society through a safe and abundant food supply.

I encourage you to read this USA Today article that defines some real successes among those urban students who have participated in these outstanding leadership programs. The byline says St. Louis, but the story could easily be duplicated in any city in Texas.

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