Friday, September 11, 2009

Let us not ever forget September 11, 2001

History teaches us many things. As a child, I took a damp cloth to wipe off the outer soot that built up on our BBQ pit. The only problem - my Dad had burgers on the grill at the time and my hand sizzled on the burning metal like a patty on a grill. As painful as it was and remembering how my parents and I all wished we could have avoided that excruciating experience, the event created a memory that has served me well the rest of my life.

As Americans we all share a memory that will last us a lifetime as well - the attacks of September 11, 2001. These devastating memories still linger eight years after the innocence of our nation was lost, people perished, and survivors and families wept.

Resolve was the collective mood after seeing our fellow countrymen fall and jump from burning buildings. Resolve was the attitude as we watched in disbelief our Pentagon smolder in flames. Resolve was the spirit that embodied the passengers on board United Flight 93 who took down the terrorists that took over their plane. Resolve was what drove brave men and women into crumbling structures to risk their own lives so they could save others.

Let's honor these families who fought then for our freedom and who continue to fight today to protect America from such hatred. Let us not ever forget the memory of this day.

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