Friday, February 3, 2012

Hunting for the Truth

Extreme animal activists can shout all they want, but misguided good intentions are still, well, off-target.

In the latest round of emotional bluster going toe-to-toe with the truth, a controversial ruling by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service aims to outlaw the hunting of endangered African antelopes that likely would face extinction if not for the Texas ranchers, breeders and, yes, hunters who preserve their populations and help them thrive.

Under the influence of animal activists, the USFWS would overturn a ruling that currently allows for the hunting of these animals on Texas wildlife game preserves. Fortunately, Rep. John R. Carter is speaking out against such action.

The simple fact is these animals are being saved from extinction by the people who perpetuate and respect their existence. Without the demand brought forth by ranchers and hunters, these antelopes would one day live only in museums alongside the long-doomed dinosaurs.

An animal population often does not exist if it is not nurtured and managed. Despite this reality, it seems extreme activists would rather have these majestic animals simply disappear. 

As an animal-caregiver for most of my life, I too would like to believe that a love for animals alone is enough to drive the goodwill of individuals to facilitate the sustainment of a species. But lesson after lesson has taught us that the expense of personal resources on a large scale is best driven by and requires the incentive of financial gain to support that expense.

I know some animal rights activists cringe at the thought of animal care giving resulting in individual financial gain, but realities are realities. And if someone gains financially from improving the welfare of the animal species, haven’t both interests been satisfied?

Somewhere in this shouting match is a lesson in moderation. Let’s hope Rep. Carter’s voice of reason can restore order. 

If you missed the ’60 Minutes’ story on this topic, here is a link to the story;housing.  

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