Friday, February 17, 2012

School Lunch Food Fight Tramples Parents Rights in North Carolina

A food fight in a North Carolina elementary school is leaving egg on the face of government and, quite frankly, it should.

In a gross case of government overstepping its bounds, a North Carolina preschooler was recently told her home-packed lunch was lacking in nutritional value and therefore was offered school-served chicken nuggets to compensate for the deficiency.

According to this story, the offending lunch was a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips. The story claims a school worker deemed the lunch not to be equivalent with USDA nutritional meal patterns and therefore felt obligated to make up the perceived deficiency.

As far as I’m concerned, parents have every right under the sun to pack their child’s lunch as they see fit. Furthermore, I can think of far worse lunches than a turkey and cheese sandwich. When government overreach extends into little Johnny’s lunchbox, something is egregiously wrong , and is symptomatic of a wrongheaded philosophy.

In Texas, school-served meals exceed federal nutrition standards. If parents choose to have their children eat food from the school cafeteria, they can do so knowing their kids are getting a good meal. If they chose instead to feed their child a home-packed lunch, they darn sure can do it without worrying about state government playing food police.

You know something serious is wrong when the federal government’s reach has extended so far that local governments are taking knee-jerk reactions like this simply to avoid a federal violation notice. This is yet another consequence of a federal government that is growing daily at an out-of-control pace that threatens the liberties upon which the United States of America was founded.  Not in my backyard!

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