Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Proactive Texas Citrus Industry Stands Ready to Contain Disease

photo via Nathan Lambreacht,

You can never be over-prepared for adversity, which is why we at the Texas Department of Agriculture worked with the Texas citrus industry over the past several years to prepare for the possibility of the detection of citrus greening in Texas. The destructive plant disease attacks citrus trees, but leaves the fruit unharmed and safe for consumption.

At a meeting with citrus growers and nursery operators in McAllen this week, I was encouraged to see our industry leaders take confident steps toward containing and combating this disease, which recently was detected in a tree located in a San Juan orange grove. The detection prompted an immediate quarantine of the impacted area and quickly mobilized our industry experts. Proactive, rather than reactive, our team is methodically implementing its strategy to protect our $140 million citrus industry.

While grove inspections, treatments and regulatory measures take effect, it’s important to remember Texas citrus is safe for consumption. Again, this disease attacks only the citrus tree and not the fruit itself.

Our industry had the foresight to know this day was coming. Thankfully, we also had the smarts to have a plan so we can continue enjoying quality Texas citrus.

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