Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Texas tops list of best retirement states

We’ve all heard the saying that those who weren’t born in Texas got here as fast as they could. And, really, who can blame them?

Besides being the greatest state to live, work and raise a family in, Texas also is the best state for retirement, according to this ranking by finance website, Money-Rates.com. In awarding this honor to Texas, the site weighed such criteria as climate, life expectancy and economic conditions, including cost of living, job opportunities and taxes.

Many of these same factors – along with availability of health care, outdoor recreation, education and entertainment – help the Texas Department of Agriculture determine our GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Communities. The GO TEXAN stamp of approval ensures each CRC has met application requirements measuring desirability.

This type of news will come as no surprise to those who were born here (or got here as fast as they could). In recent years, Texas has consistently ranked near the top of most surveys measuring quality of life. As another familiar saying goes, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.”

To learn more about the GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community program, go here.

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