Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thanks to Louisiana For Helping Drought-Stricken Texas

Rather than being the life of the party last weekend, Tropical Storm Don was instead a no-show, leaving Texas to continue choking on record-breaking heat and historical drought conditions. Folks, I’ve never seen Texas so dry.

Thankfully, our neighbors in Louisiana are gracing us with some much-needed relief in the form of hay bales being trucked to Texas farmers and ranchers who are desperately trying to feed their dwindling herds. In a gesture of goodwill that is nothing short of a blessing, Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain announced an executive order waiving size restrictions and permitting fees on oversized loads of hay en route to Texas. I’d like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Commissioner Strain and the Louisiana farmers, truckers and others who are rushing to our rescue.

It was reported just last week that this year’s drought stands to be the most costly in state history for Texas farmers and ranchers. The devastation is unprecedented, but the spirit of giving remains unbroken.

As you read this, I am diligently seeking partnerships and opportunities with other states to provide relief to the hardworking Texas farmers and ranchers who have suffered more than their share this year. I am grateful for the commitment of not only Commissioner Strain, but also of Wyoming Director of Agriculture Jason Fearneyhough who has said his state will pitch in to help Texans.

We truly appreciate the kindness of our colleagues and others who know what it is like to herd cattle and bail hay. With their help, we will continue to press on; and let’s keep praying for rain.

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