Friday, August 5, 2011

It’s Official: Texas is Suffering Worst One-Year Drought on Record

Farmers and ranchers had HARSH REALITIES confirmed today when State Climatologist Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon declared this the “most severe one-year drought on record” and the hottest July in the history of the Texas.

The extreme heat and unprecedented dry weather have crippled agricultural operations in Texas, upon which all Americans rely for food, fuel, clothing and other daily necessities. Our state’s farmers, ranchers and economy have already lost billions of dollars. Sadly, those losses are far from final as we continue to survey the damage and face a punishing forecast, promising little or no rain.

As our farmers and ranchers struggle to feed their livestock, I cannot stress enough the dire need for forage to sustain the No.1 cattle herd in the nation. Unfortunately, there are many miles between drought-parched Texas and available hay supplies. Thankfully, other states are joining with us in this effort. States like Kansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma have already relaxed oversized load restrictions for hay to expedite the delivery of hay to the Lone Star State. While we are grateful those wheels are turning, the Texas Department of Agriculture continues to seek other statewide partnerships and opportunities to help rescue this year’s herd.

The brutal heat and lagging economy are a devastating one-two punch. We may be down, but we’re not out, because after all, we are Texans. Let’s continue to seek relief for our farmers and ranchers who are the backbone of our economy and daily sustenance. Their losses are everyone’s losses.

Let’s pray for rain and remain optimistic during these tough times. As I keep telling myself, another day without rain brings us closer to one with rain.

To read Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon’s report, click here.

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