Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Rain With A Name!

Just about every meeting, conversation or gathering I attend this summer starts off with a broad discussion of the devastating drought that has crushed Texas agriculture this season.

Our state climatologist, John Nielsen-Gammon, says we are making history. Yes, we are in the third worst drought in Texas history and if July ends like it began, we could increase in the rankings by surpassing the 1918 No. 2 drought of record – a distinction no one wants. I surely don’t want to contemplate the No. 1 ranking reached in 1956.

Those who have watched weather patterns know that mid and late summer relief is often brought to us by moisture coming through the Gulf, so eyes have been turned in that direction.

In a meeting this week with landowners, a friend reminded us of what we needed, with a little twist, “What we need is a rain with a name!”

All eyes are anxiously waiting to see what Tropical Storm Don has to deliver over the weekend, which could land as early as Friday night. Texas agriculture will be waiting to see Don with more anticipation than the beginning of a Friday night football game. Run, Don, Run!

You might want to add Don to your family prayer list.

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