Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aerial Surveillance Vehicle Lands in Texas

The recent announcement of a second Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) being designated for Texas comes as welcomed news to our citizens being terrorized by violent drug cartels along our southern border.

I want to thank Congressmen Cuellar and McCaul for requesting the additional airborne surveillance unit and also Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for her assistance in securing its location in Corpus Christi.

As someone who has heard the firsthand accounts of threats and violence against Texas farmers and ranchers who live and operate agricultural operations on our border, I obviously have strong disagreements with Secretary Napolitano and President Obama on the topic of sufficient border security and safety for citizens in our southern counties. I do, however, appreciate this new UAV and hope it is fully employed along our Texas border, which today is protected by only 6.2 agents per border mile compared to 14 agents per border mile along the California, Arizona and New Mexico border with Mexico .

This second UAV is even more important considering its Texas counterpart primarily patrols the Gulf of Mexico and is not solely dedicated to the Texas-Mexico border.

Much more is needed to fully secure our border, but this second UAV is a welcome step in the right direction. The time is long overdue to secure our border against dangerous, heavily armed and bold drug cartel members who have recently proven they are not above taking shots at law enforcement and landowners here in Texas.

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