Friday, June 18, 2010

Texas Seafood is Still Safe to Eat!!!

Guest Blogger - Elizabeth Hadley, assistant commissioner for marketing

Ever since the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster hit the Gulf waters near Louisiana, consumers have questioned the safety of Texas seafood. At the Texas Department of Agriculture we have been working diligently to set the record straight about our seafood. Through various coordination activities with industry and fellow government agencies, coupled with outreach to restaurants, retailers, wholesalers and media, we are reminding consumers that Texas waters remain uncontaminated by the spill and that Texas seafood is still safe to eat.

On Thursday, a group of us from TDA ate lunch at Quality Seafood in Austin. Upon walking in, I was thrilled to see this GO TEXAN member proudly display the materials we created for this exact purpose. And I can't say enough about the selection of Texas seafood. We all enjoyed our lunch and were happy to see Texas consumers enjoying safe and high quality Texas seafood.
Thanks again to Quality Seafood for remaining committed to supporting Texas seafood producers, and serving Texans the best our state has to offer.

Remember - GO out. GO Eat. GO TEXAN.

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