Friday, June 11, 2010

Don’t impose burdensome greenhouse gas regulation

On Thursday the United States Senate debated a Senate Resolution, which would block an out of control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from imposing burdensome greenhouse gas regulation on American families and businesses. Unfortunately, the resolution was narrowly defeated, and EPA will therefore undoubtedly continue its regulatory efforts, driving American families and businesses out of business.

I thank the bipartisan group of 47 Senators, who sided with Texas and 15 other states, who supported Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s resolution to stop EPA from using the Clean Air Act as a vehicle for climate change regulation.

In her comments, Senator Murkowski recognized several Texas agriculture producer groups who demonstrated support for the resolution. I am proud of our farmers and ranchers who constantly demonstrate their dedication to providing consumers the most affordable and reliable food and fiber in the world. The EPA’s use of the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions will raise the cost of transportation and fertilizers, endangering our farms and ranches.

As I have said throughout this process: relying on foreign oil is bad enough; I don’t want to imagine being dependent on foreign food.

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