Monday, July 21, 2008

Texas Winery Visit

On Friday I had the opportunity of attending the 31st anniversary of the Moonlit Harvest at Messina Hof Winery & Resort in Bryan. The harvest celebrates the beginning of the 2008 harvest and allowed me to get an up-close look at one of the great contributors to the Texas wine industry.

Part of what made the event so memorable was helping to pick the fresh Lenoir Grapes, or Black Spanish Grapes right from the vines. Messina Hof expects 80 tons of grapes in this year’s harvest.

It was a real joy participating in the harvest of just one of the more than 160 wineries in Texas. The Moonlit Harvest festival also includes dinner at the resort and continues every weekend until August 17th.

Texas is the fifth-largest wine-producing state in the nation; wine industry contributes $1 billion to the state’s economy.

Texas has 210 commercial vineyards planted on more than 3,200 acres around the state. You can learn more about visiting Texas vineyards and wineries at

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