Friday, July 18, 2008

Statement on Saintpaul salmonella outbreak and unrelated recent produce recall in Texas

While I join consumers in frustration over the lengthy federal trace-back process regarding the national Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak, Texans continue to enjoy the safest food supply in the world.

It’s important to note that to date NO Texas-grown produce has been linked to the Salmonella Saintpaul nationwide outbreak, or to the produce associated with yesterday’s recall. That produce was grown in Mexico, but transferred through a Texas distributor.

Our food safety system in the United States is an effective web of firewalls that complement and support each other ensuring safety from food-borne pathogens. In the rare instance when a safeguard is compromised, there are other defenses that automatically trigger to protect consumers.

Consumers should always properly wash and prepare all food items, as this is a basic part of family food safety.

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