Friday, July 20, 2012

SeaWorld Partners with Texas Water Smart

Despite recent rains, Texas continues to battle an ongoing water crisis, which is why I was pleased to visit San Antonio this week to welcome SeaWorld San Antonio into the growing Texas Water Smart coalition.

SeaWorld is more than a fun place to take your family, it is also a great example of how businesses can implement conservation strategies to save millions of gallons of water. While known for water-based marine life and other water attractions, SeaWorld has made water conservation a top priority. In doing so, the water park received the San Antonio Water System’s Water Saving Pioneer Award in 2008 for its efforts to save 30 million gallons of water a year.

While that kind of savings is impressive and greatly appreciated, Texas Water Smart reminds all Texans that any water saved, when multiplied by 26 million citizens, will go a long way toward protecting our drinking water and saving jobs.

Look around your home or business and repair leaky faucets, limit shower times and only water your lawns and gardens in the morning or at night. These simple steps can make great strides toward protecting the future of Texas.

To find more everyday, common-sense tips for curbing wasteful water usage around your home and business, visit And remember this important concept: practicing water conservation is not a restriction, it is an opportunity. 

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