Monday, July 2, 2012

New Smartphone App Helps Texans Conserve Energy, Protect Jobs, Businesses

With communities around the state hitting triple digit temperatures, we are hitting the peak season for energy usage. Low-cost, reliable energy is a key ingredient to job growth and doing business, but adverse rulings by overbearing federal regulators, along with disincentives to build more capacity, are leaving Texans vulnerable to rolling blackouts.

Last year, some Texans had to deal to with power outages due to large amounts of energy being consumed on a daily basis accompanied by an inadequate amount of available energy during extreme conditions. In an effort to ease the possibility of repeated threats to our electrical grid, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has created a free mobile smartphone app that will help Texas electricity users more easily conserve energy and stay abreast of energy demand across the majority of the state. When there is high electricity demand and need for conservation, the application will send users energy-saving tips and energy emergency alerts.

Conservation makes good sense in both the private and business community. Thanks to ERCOT’s smartphone app, Texas has a new tool for conserving energy when grid conditions are strained. Together, our conservation efforts will contribute to the vitality of our Texas economy.

To download the free ERCOT Energy Saver app on your iPhone or Android device click here or find it by typing “ERCOT” into the search bar of Apple and Google app stores. 

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