Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Reminds Us Leadership is Needed

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. challenged us to be bigger than ourselves. The words he spoke in 1963 that state we should only be judged by the “content of our character” still ring true today for all generations and in all situations

The circumstances in America when Dr. King delivered his “I have a dream…” speech were very unpleasant for many. Each generation has its own challenges. We need to remember that Lady Justice is blindfolded. We must focus on issues and not personalities. Our generation certainly has a responsibility to solve the issues of our day in a way that treats all with justice and respect, even when we disagree.

With the Legislature now in session, Texas has many difficult discussions and decisions ahead. We are all Texans, and it is critical we work together to improve our state. Even as an independent bunch, we must use our can-do spirit to rise above rhetoric and clear a path to allow free enterprise and personal responsibility to flourish. We must focus more on policy and less on politics.

Remembering the work, sacrifice and leadership of Dr. King should remind all of us to be better leaders.

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