Friday, January 28, 2011

Future of Texas Depends on Careful Consideration

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with the Texas Farm Bureau to talk about the years ahead and some of the critical issues and challenges facing the Department of Agriculture and the state of Texas.

Among the topics we covered, the availability of water is the single greatest issue facing agriculture. We need to see groundwater used effectively while also safeguarding the rights of landowners. A debate that balances the rights of property owners is critical to the future investment in our state.

Likewise, eminent domain is another issue that requires careful consideration. Owning property and passing it on to our children is a rich part of our Texas heritage. Reliable roadways, hospitals and other infrastructure are certainly necessary to our future prosperity, and it is equally imperative that landowners be justly compensated for relinquishing their property on behalf of the public good.

On the issue of redistricting, I strongly encourage our public officials to come together in order to create public policy that keeps both urban and rural Texas moving forward. Only tending to your own backyard does not create a better community. Each of us has a responsibility to be a good neighbor.

Again, my thanks to the Texas Farm Bureau for inviting me to discuss these issues and I look forward to our partnership growing as we work together to help all Texans.
You can view our full discussion here:

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