Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mike Rowe Paints a Real Picture of American Agriculture

Not too long ago, Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy on TV, spoke at the National FFA convention and opened a lot of eyes around the country. He used this opportunity to remind the world that, “Technical advances in modern agriculture now rival those in Silicon Valley, and today’s farms are more efficient than ever, but no one seems to have gotten the memo. No one seems to care.” I encourage you to read his entire opinion on this subject on his website.

This description of American agriculture is certainly not news to those of us engaged in or who work with others in the industry. But for the remaining 98 percent of Americans who are not involved in production agriculture, I’m certain Rowe’s statement probably leaves them scratching their heads.

This week, Rowe spoke at the American Farm Bureau annual convention in Georgia and gave a great recap of how federal agencies and private groups have piped up with the wrong impression after agricultural operations were shown on his show, Dirty Jobs. In this article from CattleNetwork.com, Rowe reminds us that those who make a living from the land are the best advocates for good policies.

As we move ahead, our challenge is to make sure the true voices of agriculture are not drowned out by the loud screams of extremists. We must ensure the rest of America understands that farmers and ranchers were going green long before the green movement was cool.

A special thanks to Mike Rowe for helping us unveil the authentic canvas of American agriculture.

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