Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is cotton’s kingdom getting bigger?

If Texas were its own country (most Texans think this is a pretty good idea), it would be the sixth largest cotton-producing nation in the world. In fact, 39 percent of the cotton grown in the United States is grown in the Lone Star State. To both rural and urban Texans alike, this means jobs, capital investment and opportunity.

So, finding even more uses for the fluffy fiber and its seed is always good news. I remember feeding cottonseed meal to our cattle during the winter in East Texas, and our cows would fight vigorously to be the first in line. Researchers now say cottonseed is even closer to being used as a human food source. Instead of cattle pushing one another around, there may soon be a few elbows at the table. Click on this link to find out more. And, keep your fork handy.

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