Monday, December 14, 2009

Texas food banks get $2 million to feed hungry Texans

I was in Lubbock today to award the Texas Food Bank Network a $2 million grant. The Texans Feeding Texans: Surplus Agricultural Products Grant will be used by 19 food banks across the state to purchase and distribute surplus agricultural products from Texas farms.

In the last year, Texas food banks have experienced a 30 percent increase in demand. This grant is a win for farmers who have excess products and a win for hungry Texans in need of nutritious foods. It is also a win for Texas taxpayers as study after study has shown well fed children perform better in the classroom and a healthier population has a lower need for medical attention.

I appreciate the Legislature for recognizing the tremendous demand food banks are facing and making funds available to help feed hungry Texans. You can find out more about TDA’s Texans Feeding Texans program here. You can also donate directly to the Texas Food Bank Network by clicking here.

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