Monday, October 26, 2009

Taiwan Reopens its borders to U.S. Beef

As the national leader in beef cattle production, Texas welcomes expanded markets for our top commodity.

When Taiwan recently announced it reopened its borders to U.S. beef, the news was good for Texas cattlemen and the state's economy. With cattle prices and margins at dangerously low levels and our feed lot system having suffered tremendous losses over the past year, we can sure use more good news like that found in the article below.

Taiwan Lifts Ban On U.S. Beef Import

10/23/2009, RTT News

Taiwan lifted a partial ban on importing beef from the United States.

At present, Taiwan only allows imports of U.S. boneless beef that contain no specified risk materials (SRMs) and from cattle younger than 30 months.

Under an agreement signed Thursday by both sides in Washington DC, U.S. bone-in beef, ground beef, intestines and processed beef that have not been contaminated with SRMs will be allowed to enter Taiwan with effect from November 10.

The south-East Asian island nation's health department has stipulated that all imported beef products will have to carry a label of approval from the U.S. Agriculture Department.

The Vice-Minister of Taiwan's Department of Health, Hsiao Mei-ling, told a news conference Friday that Taiwanese importers could apply to import U.S. bone-in beef and organs after Taipei and Washington have made a formal announcement of the protocol within the next 10 days.

Taiwan imposed restrictions on US beef imports in 2003 after the United States reported its first case of mad-cow disease

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