Monday, October 26, 2009

Feral Hogs Continue to Ransack Texas Agricultural Land

I thought you would like the statement from Billy Higginbotham, a wildlife specialist at Texas A&M University, as quoted in The Atlantic Magazine:

"There are two types of landowners in Texas — those that have hogs, and those that are about to have hogs."

The Texas Department of Agriculture currently contracts with Wildlife Services at Texas A&M University for feral hog abatement efforts. I have conducted two meetings of statewide stakeholders over the last several months to brainstorm on a strategy for control efforts.

While the task is large and the resources are few to combat the wild hog problem in the Lone Star State, we are trying to find the most effective means to deploy the $1 million dollars appropriated by the legislature to address the ever-growing problem. There are no easy solutions. Control efforts will require direct involvement of all landowners and local governments if we are to make a dent in the problem.

Look for more updates from us on this issue. Meanwhile, you should know my own place has been ransacked by these depredating pigs over the last few weeks and it sends the blood pressure up a bit to see your pasture and range rooted up.

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