Monday, October 5, 2009

Southwest Classic

Stephen Pahl, Commissioner Staples, Chris Drews and Tim Speer show Aggie pride before kickoff of the Southwest Classic at the new Cowboy Stadium

Who would of have thought, with more than 71,000 fans at the new Cowboy Stadium for the A&M and Arkansas football game, I would run into TDA employees Stephen Pahl and Chris Drews from our Executive Division and Tim Speer from our Administrative Services Division. But sure enough in the middle of the sea of maroon I spotted my fellow Aggies.

Obviously, from the expression on our faces you can tell we met up before the beating our football team took at the hands of the Razorbacks. I have decided next year we may need to call out the TDA feral hog eradication team. Maybe we need to meet up with the Arkansas mascot, "Tusk," at the front gate of Cowboy stadium, to give the hog a nice Aggie welcome. Gig' em Aggies!

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