Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Texas, the True Champion of Small Business

As the nation and other states have struggled with recent economic challenges Texas has bucked trends and continued to be a leader in job growth. In fact, Texas added 293,000 jobs between July 2012-2013 and maintained positive job growth for 39 consecutive months.

Texas has risen above challenges where others have fallen short because the citizens of Texas demand policies that allow business to thrive. Low taxes, fair courts and a predictable regulatory environment continue to attract businesses to Texas and provide an incentive to grow. The heart of our success and economic growth is small business.

Recently, I was honored to receive the Champion of Small Business award from the National Coalition for Capital. This acknowledgement is humbling and truly a tribute to the hard-working men and women of our great state. The innovation, dedication and vigor of the small business communities in our urban and rural areas are an inspiration to me. Supporting programs that boost small business is a safe investment that I know will keep the Texas economy as a model for the rest of the nation.

While the Lone Star State has much to be proud of, we still have work to do to meet the challenges ahead. We must develop solutions to deal with the ongoing drought, insecure border with Mexico and availability of a reliable and skilled workforce to ensure Texas businesses prosper. That being said, I am confident that Texans are up the challenge, and we will continue to do our part to lead the way.

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