Thursday, August 1, 2013

Russian Delegation Travels to Texas

I recently had the opportunity to meet with President Rustem Khamitov of Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan to open a dialogue about trade between Russia and the United States. Bashkortostan is one of the leading agricultural regions of the Russian Federation whose interests include timber processing, grains, meat, dairy products, horse breeding and poultry farming.

As Agriculture Commissioner, I’m very fortunate that I get to meet with people from all across Texas and around the globe. It’s through these meetings that we get to build valuable partnerships that results in a strong economy and more robust job growth from the private sector.

During my meeting with the 11-member Russian delegation, I had the opportunity to discuss trade opportunities for Texas livestock and other agriculture products. It was a focused, productive conversation that will hopefully lead to future collaborations. Here at TDA, we plan to work with the delegation, as well as their Minister of Agriculture, and it’s my hope that, ultimately, this will lead to stronger trade opportunities for Texas agriculture producers. This could be just the beginning of future partnerships with Bashkortostan, and I look forward to all of the possibilities.

Plus, we had the opportunity to share with them a Texas treasure—fresh Gulf shrimp. GO TEXAN member Quality Seafood prepared a delicious, fresh seafood salad using locally-grown products and Gulf shrimp. It was a great treat for us, and an excellent way to show our friends all Texas has to offer.

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