Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Weather Brings Relief, Fun

They say if you can’t stand the heat then you need to get out of the kitchen, but that’s easier said than done in Texas where summer feels like an oven.

Lake Bob Sandlin State Park
Sure, we complain about the triple-digit temperatures and pray for rain in times of drought, but deep down inside there’s really no other place a Texan would rather call home.

As much I love the Lone Star State and the heat that comes with the territory, I must confess my enthusiasm for the annual onset of fall. The cooler temperatures, turning of leaves and weekends of hunting and football are all as eagerly awaited in Texas as summertime swims and backyard barbecues.

Fall is also a great time to enjoy rural Texas. Drive out to a pumpkin patch, try your luck finding your way through a crop maze and enjoy a hay ride. Rural Texas offers lots of fun activities during this special season so venture out and start a new family tradition.

Fall officially starts this weekend and so do the seasonal rituals that come along with it. It may take me a while to find my jacket, but when I do, it’s as welcome as my boots and blue jeans when it returns to the front of my closet.

Enjoy the cooler temperatures, Texas. The heat will return soon enough.

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