Monday, September 3, 2012

A Labor Day Salute to Hardworking Texans

It can be difficult to see the glass as half full when talking about the economy, but Texans are faring better than most.

Along with our can-do attitude, Texas has long fostered an economic landscape that favors low taxes, reasonable regulations and a comparatively low cost of living. These attributes have helped Texas attract businesses and grow jobs even during tough times. In fact, July marked two years of consecutive job growth in the Lone Star State, which helped keep our unemployment rate around 7 percent compared to the national average that hovers near 8 percent.

Texas also was recently named America’s Top State for Business in 2012, according to CNBC. Since the survey began in 2007, Texas has claimed the top spot twice and never dipped below No. 2. The survey cited our workforce, economy, technology and cost of living among other qualities landing Texas at the top.

Yes, there is room for improvement. And yes, we must close the gap between the unemployed and the self-sufficient. Fortunately in Texas, that gap is narrower than it is in other states. Focusing on the merits of labor is fitting as we honor all whose work propels our economy. 

If you’re enjoying a break from your job this Labor Day, I thank you for your daily efforts to better yourself, your family and our great state. If you’re working hard to find work today, I offer my encouragement and commend you for being motivated to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Let’s keep our spirits up, our goals in focus and our collective work ethic strong. Together as hardworking Texans, we will continue to lead our nation on the road to economic recovery. Happy Labor Day, Texas!

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