Monday, April 2, 2012

Tighten the Faucet, Texas: Learn to Live Water Smart

With another heat wave around the corner following a devastating, historical drought, I traveled to Mesquite today to help kick off a water conservation initiative called Texas Water Smart.
Born of a unique public-private coalition of businesses, concerned citizens, and government leaders Texas Water Smart encourages simple, common-sense water-use habits as a means of statewide conservation. Fixing a leaky faucet or using a watering can instead of a hose may not sound like it makes much difference, but when those precious drops are multiplied by 25 million Texans, the savings are measured not only in water, but also in jobs, landscapes and commerce.
In recent months, Texas saw drinking water jeopardized, outdoor watering nearly banned and our state’s $14.6 billion horticulture industry drifting dangerously close to the drain. And let’s not forget the record-setting wildfires that further depleted reserves or our booming population that will require even more water.
It’s better to learn the hard way than never to learn at all, so let’s please take the lessons learned of last year’s drought as a reminder for the need to have Water Smart daily habits. It’s time to tighten the faucet, Texas. It’s time to be Texas Water Smart.
A big thank you goes to State Representatives Dr. Mark Shelton, Marva Beck, Tan Parker, Chuck Hopson, Kenneth Sheets, Bill Zedler for attending the Texas Water Smart press conference. I also appreciate TCEQ Chairman Bryan Shaw and Lewis H. McMahan, member of the Texas Water Development Board for joining us for the launch of this conservation education  effort.A complete list of legislators and statewide leaders supporting the Texas Water Smart consumer awareness campaign will be released soon.

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