Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Texas Wildlife Magazine Explores ‘Beirut on the Border’

A special April 2012 issue of Texas Wildlife magazine is devoted to the stories of life along the Texas-Mexico border as told by landowners who face daily encroachment and intimidation at the hands of illegal immigrants and drug cartels. As the cover-story title, “Beirut on the Border,” makes clear, there are plenty of Texans who strongly beg to differ with Washington’s ill-informed assessment that our border is safer than ever.

No one argues the fact that there are plenty of good places along our border that may never see any of the violence and mayhem associated with the drug cartel heinous activities. However, if you are one of the landowners who have trails beaten down on your property or have been shot at or chased off your own land, you have a different story to tell.

I thank the Texas Wildlife Association for dedicating its magazine to such an important issue and shedding light on this growing national security problem. To learn more, go here.

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