Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspector General Exposes EPA’s Disregard for Scientific Protocol

A report issued this week by the EPA’s inspector general uncovers that costly greenhouse gas regulations were hastily instituted against standard protocol. Why am I not surprised?

As you may recall, Gov. Perry and I challenged these greenhouse regulations in February 2010 on behalf of farmers, ranchers and other industry workers who stood to be priced out of business, rendered uncompetitive or left unemployed by bureaucratic corner cutting. Even in the best of economic times, I will not stand by and watch jobs be lost to reckless politics and a blatant disregard for standard practices.

This is yet further proof that President Obama’s ongoing environmental regulatory takeover is based on agenda-driven political science. Sound science, accountability and sound judgment should always be the standard by which our decisions are made; after all, American jobs are on the line.

To read the inspector general’s report, go here.

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