Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Border INsecurity is No Laughing Matter!

It’s appalling to hear the president crack jokes about our southern border when the violent drug cartel members are terrorizing innocent American citizens.

As pointed out in this AP story, at one point during his speech, the president scoffed at those who do not think the government is doing enough to protect our borders, smugly pointing out the border fence and saying, “they’ll never be satisfied” and “maybe they’ll need a moat.” I know for a fact he would have been singing a different tune had he been riding next to the south Texas rancher whose truck was riddled by bullets, or standing next to the crew who got chased off their land while harvesting sugar cane, or working alongside the oil field workers who were beaten (and taken to an emergency room by ambulance) by a group of men who fled south across the border.

Mr. President, why are you laughing at the harm being done to American citizens? Why is a federal border patrol agent who was killed in a firefight with drug cartel members in Arizona in December of last year a reason to make light of the desperate situation our rural landowners are facing? Why do you and your administration ignore, make light and deny the testimonials of the men and women who have come forward with the horror stories? Need proof these tragedies are real? Go to www.ProtectYourTexasBorder.com.

While the president may have made these insensitive jokes today in the “safest” city in America, let’s keep in mind this is the same city that benefits from a large border patrol and federal presence, yet whose hospital recently asked for its own police force due to the unprecedented crime spilling over from Mexico.

Jokes are not going to help our citizens, we need action. The President must put more boots on the border by deploying additional troops, bring in further surveillance technology and supply our local law enforcement with extra resources.

Mr. President, we need your help; not your failed attempts at humor.

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